The Dolfing Waterbed

The Dolfing Waterbed represents a complete series of waterbeds.
‘An ideal waterbed for everyone’ - that’s our motto. Come and get better acquainted with the various models.

Rejuvenating and comforting
The Dolfing Waterbed offers all the comfort and relaxation for the ultimate sleeping experience. The water mattress moulds to your body and equally supports all parts of the body without annoying pressure points. This allows the ultimate blood flow to ensure a refreshing start to the next day.

Always pleasant
Your waterbed can be adjusted to suit your comfort needs. Regulate the temperature for a warm bed during the cold winter months and create a cool, refreshing bed for the summer. Temperatures for during the winter can be set between 27 and 30 ºC and in the summer to around 23 ºC.

The solution against allergy
A water mattress is very hygienic. It provides no opportunities for dust mites to nest in the mattress which is ideal for people with allergies.