Soemba Box

Do you want the look of a box spring? And the comfort of a waterbed? Then you are looking for waterbed Soemba box from HDW. This model looks like a box spring. And yet you experience all the benefits of sleeping on water.

  • Combine with 'traditional' mattress
  • Easy entry and exit
  • In 2 parts detachable, washable Tencel ticking
  • Made in Holland
  • 10 year warranty

Easy entry, also for the elderly

 Striking about this waterbed model? That you can easily get in and out of here, even if you are already a bit older. How did we achieve this? Because the model is extra high, between 56 and 70 cm, with a water mattress of 20 cm. Moreover, it has a super strong softside edge (high specific weight). That makes the entry and exit even more pleasant. Read more about a softside mattress.

Even more firmness with a topper

You make this mattress even more stable if you order a Topper. You can choose between visco, cold foam or 3D Spacer fabric. And that provides extra strength. We stabilize our mattresses ourselves with specially developed fiber layers that ensure minimal air bubble formation. The custom made PVC safety liner looks nice and is super strong thanks to a polyester back.

Want to know more about Soemba box?

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